Ginger Giraffe

Ginger Giraffe
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I Started with a Market Stall in Durham approx 2013, every saturday come rain or shine Id be there, and then to add to this I registered with Ebay and opened a shop within ebay .
It soon got where I turned my conservatory and spare bedroom into stockrooms, then when it started creeping into the sitting room I thought I needed to do something about it.
I saw Stanley as an up and coming area so I sold my house and bought a shop and flat on the front street. My shop opened June 2017 and it was loved by everyone that popped in .
16 month later we,re still here and still selling well on ebay with the shop running alongside.

We sell a large range of ornaments from Vivid Arts these are mainly birds and animals designed with great detail for indoors and outdoors. I also stock a range of quality artificial and dried flowers which also go very well online and on the front street.
Real plants have been my life since the age of 13 , I stock a great range 11 months of the year with approx 200 extra lines in my ebay shop .

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